The City: Ruth Lowenkron on Why Masking Is Vital on MTA

December 21, 2022

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Photo: A person (back to us) stands towards the back of the MTA's Access-A-Ride bus

NYLPI’s Ruth Lowenkron and Eman Rimawi-Doster were featured in an article to speak on why a renewed mask mandate on MTA is vital to protect New Yorkers with disabilities and their high-risk loved ones.

“They never should have lifted it. And absolutely now, with COVID coming back with a vengeance, with R.S.V. and the flu, now is the time to put that mandate back in place. It’s critical, especially on Access-A-Ride, where you’re in cramped quarters for long rides with strangers. It’s the least we can expect, it’s the moral thing to do, and why not?” – Ruth Lowenkron, director of Disability Justice, NYLPI

Cara Liebowitz, advocacy coordinator for the Brooklyn Center for the Independence of the Disabled, was also quoted, explaining that especially on Access-A-Ride, masks in cramped quarters are necessary.

“COVID isn’t over, but you keep acting like it is. I’ll be at risk, because most drivers don’t wear a mask and I have to open the window even on cold days because I don’t want to catch COVID.” Eman Rimawi-Doster, Access-A-Ride Campaign Organizer and Coordinator, NYLPI

Read more at The City.

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