The State Must Act Now: Immigrant New Yorkers Need and Deserve Health Care for Long-Haul COVID, Too

April 8, 2021

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NYLPI’s Health Justice DirectorAmber Khan in a recent op-ed for the Gotham Gazette focuses on the need for accessible health care for immigrants living in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. The op-ed shares the story of Gloria, an immigrant from Colombiawho was hospitalized for 10 months after suffering severe effects from COVID-19 and ultimately requiring intubation. She has since recovered from the virus but was left paralyzed and requires therapy to regain her speech and mobility.  

For her and the nearly 400,000 other uninsured immigrants living in New York, the medical expenses associated with treatment and subsequent therapy can block care. NYLPI urges New York Legislature to support the proposed expansion to the Essential Plan which will provide temporary support to immigrants who comprise one-third of the total essential workers in New York State and have been keeping New York running during the pandemic. This temporary support is crucial as we work towards a more thorough solution to our broken health care system. 

Access Khan’s full op-ed to learn more.

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