Truthout: EJ Director Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright Speaks on Flint Water Crisis’ Implications

February 10, 2021

Environmental Justice, Health Justice, Media Coverage, News

The intersection of environmental justice and health justice is crucial to ensuring the safety and well-being of local communitiesNYLPI’s Director of Environmental JusticeAnthony Karefa Rogers-Wright, addressed this point in a recent Truthout articlefocusing on the broader health implications of the water crisis for Flint families. The February 3rd article probed whether the impending trial of multiple state officials for their alleged involvement in the crisis will lead to continued conversations on environmental justice. Anthony’s statement reflects NYLPI’s continued commitment to working at the intersections of environmental justice, health justice, and racial equity.  

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright, Director of Environmental Justice for New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, told Truthout that in addition to illness and death, Flint families are facing factors like increased medical and mental health care costs that are more difficult to quantify. “What would they have become if they weren’t inflicted by not just a level of incompetence or willful ignorance, but dehumanization?” Rogers-Wright asked. “If you’re going to put something in a population to keep them down for a generation, it would be lead,” he said, referring to how lead poisoning has been shown to cause behavioral problems and difficulties learning to listen, speak, read, write and reason. Rogers-Wright also noted that none of the charges against the nine Michigan officials include civil rights violations.

Read the full article here.

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