Urban Matters: “As Organic Recycling Grows, Let’s Maximize Its Benefits for Everyone” by Justin Wood

October 6, 2023

Climate and Energy Justice, News, Waste Equity

Hands fill in compost soil around microgreens in a raise garden bed

Justin Wood, director of Policy at NYLPI, wrote about the expanded organic composting program, via Local Law 85 of 2023 for Urban Matters. The new curbside program will expand to every borough in New York City by March, 2024.

“As of October 2nd, every household in Brooklyn should easily be able to recycle food scraps and yard waste for weekly curbside collection, right along with their recyclable plastics, metals, glass containers, and paper. To maximize the benefits of the new program, government and the private sector need to work in concert. Their decisions can ensure that the organics recycling program reaches its potential to address climate change, advance environmental justice, and create green jobs.” – Justin Wood

Learn more at Urban Matters.

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