Waste Dive: Nearly 50 Companies, Including Waste Management, Pursuing New York Commercial Waste Contracts

June 30, 2021

Environmental Justice, News, Waste Equity

Image shows comingled recycling and trash in the back of a New York garbage truck

NYLPI Senior Supervising Counsel Melissa Iachán recently spoke with Waste Dive regarding progress on the City’s postponed commercial waste zones system. Despite the delay, many companies have submitted proposals to service new commercial waste zones during the first part of the RFP. Iachán raised concerns about the large number of companies submitting proposals, stating that she is “very skeptical that at this point the commercial waste zone system is doing what we hoped it would, in terms of ensuring that only the best acting waste hauling companies secure these long-term contracts with the city…however we know that the teeth of this process will really come in phase two of the RFP and we look forward to seeing how that will hopefully narrow the competition a bit to companies willing to take the steps to improve their labor standards, safety standards, and impact on the environment.” 

Access the full article here.

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