“We believe in immigrants.” Our Clinics Have Helped More Than 700 People Gain Citizenship.

June 24, 2019

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WNBC featured our naturalization clinic, this weekend, interviewing NYLPI Health Justice and Immigration Staff Attorney & Project Manager Yleana Roman, and Chloe Moore, Naturalization Coordinator from Catholic Migration Services, about the service.

Our Pro Bono Clearinghouse, in partnership with attorneys from some of New York’s largest law firms, has helped hundreds of people become citizens since we began running these clinics in 2015.

WNBC also ran a segment from the clinic itself:

And World Journal also featured the clinic:

World Journal

Immigration has an application for naturalization.

Reporter Lan Lan

June 22, 2019

After President Trump came to power, the number of naturalization increased greatly. To help more green card holders become more naturalized, the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest provided free citizenship counseling services in Queens on the 22nd. Experts in consultation said that if they have been convicted of certain criminal offences or immigration fraud, it is not recommended to apply for naturalization. Otherwise, not only will naturalization be rejected, but the original green card will be revoked.

The New York Public Welfare Lawyers Association and the Catholic Migration Services have joined forces to hold a “Naturalization Clinic” at the City University LaGuardia Community College on the 22nd. Naturalization services are designed to provide legal advice to green card holders.

Chloe Moore, coordinator of the “Citizenship Clinic”, said that since Trump took office, the number of naturalization has increased significantly. Compared with the same period of last year, the association has assisted at least 20% of the naturalization. This is the average waiting time for New York City applicants to apply for naturalization. The time is around a year.”

Although the number of naturalization has increased, Moore said that if the applicant has been guilty of immigration fraud or involvement in moral corruption, it is not recommended to apply for naturalization. “Although the law itself has not changed, the immigration authorities now have stricter background checks on naturalization. Once the green card holders are found to have the above problems, they will not only refuse the naturalization application, but may also revoke the original legal status.

Moore also said that due to language barriers, low incomes and health problems, many green card holders in the immigration community who are eligible for naturalization have not applied for naturalization; she said that if the green card holder is over 50 years old and holds a green card If you have a green card for 15 years or more than 15 years old, you can apply for the relevant exemption and you can use the native language for the citizenship test.

Moore added that if people apply for a white card (Medicaid, also known as medical assistance) or a Food Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or if the annual income meets the relevant requirements, they can also apply for a waiver of the citizenship fee.


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