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October 7, 2021

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Clean school bus rally participants holding up signs on the steps of Tweed Courthouse.

NYLPI took part in the Rally for Clean School Buses as a member of the NYC Clean School Bus Coalition pressing for thousands of electric school buses as necessary to health and climate justice in NYC. The rally supported Intro. 455, a bill that would require a zero-emission all-electric school bus fleet by September 1, 2035. Read NYLPI’s memo of support on our website.

Community Organizer Jenny Veloz spoke in support of the bill:

“The mayor’s executive order to electrify the fleet was a good first step, but an even better next step would be the unanimous passage of Intro 455 to begin transitioning diesel school buses to electric. For this to be successful as we know it can be, we need help. We need state funding to help subsidize purchases of electric school buses,  ensuring that electric school buses… are prominent in disadvantaged communities. These communities cannot continue to bear the detrimental health impacts from diesel school buses. Electric school buses will go a long way in alleviating this issue. We all deserve to breathe clean air.

This week, Intro. 455 was passed by NYC City Council, guaranteeing an all-electric school bus fleet by 2035. Congratulations to the Coalition and organizers who helped make this passage a reality.

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