Your Support Helps Us Close the Gaps in Transportation

December 15, 2023

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Your Support helps us. Close the Gaps in Accessible Transportation. Photo: NYC subway platform/stairs.

Think about how many trips you take in a week. Do you have to commute to get to your job? How often do you travel for errands such as buying groceries or going to doctors’ appointments? For many New Yorkers with disabilities, transportation — from subways to for-hire vehicles — may be entirely inaccessible, severely impeding their quality of life. 

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) has centered disability justice as a core tenet of our mission from the organization’s inception in 1976. And our work shows no sign of slowing as long as the commutes of New Yorkers with disabilities are hampered by large gaps between subway platforms and subway cars, a greatly limited stock of accessible for-hire vehicles, and inequitable Access-a-Ride paratransit fares. We are proudly committed to fighting for a fully accessible city and state, and ensuring people with disabilities can live with autonomy, dignity, and respect.

This past year alone, NYLPI has advocated for:

  1. Income from congestion pricing to  fund a modernized and accessible public transit system;
  2. Robust oversight of the MTA’s Access-a-Ride services, ensuring riders with disabilities are not charged unequal fares or burdened by onerous eligibility requirements;
  3. Improving the quality of New York City’s sidewalks, streets, and intersections, which have long been hazardous to people with disabilities; 
  4. Adding accessibility features to the City’s fast-loading bus “bulbs”;
  5. Ensuring appropriate, real-time scheduling signage for the City’s ferries;
  6. Replacement of worn “detectable warning strips” at subway platform edges;
  7. Amending environmental policies such as the Green Rides Initiative to prioritize both the accessibility and the electrification of  for-hire vehicles; and
  8. An accessible subway system that includes removing dangerous gaps between trains and subway platforms. 

The Facts: MTA’s Access-A-Ride On-Demand E-Hail Pilot

In 2017, NYLPI and its colleagues who make up the Access-A-Ride Reform Group — or AARRG! — advocated for the MTA to develop a pilot that allowed Access-A-Ride riders to obtain rides with the kind of freedom that other transit riders take for granted. For the first time, AAR riders could get where they wanted when they wanted. However, the wildly successful program is now under attack by the MTA, which this year imposed severe ride rationing that renders the program far less useful. 

Read this comprehensive Access-a-Ride fact sheet and learn how we are advocating for disability justice: Get the facts.

A disability should not determine whether you can get your groceries, make a medical appointment, or be on time for a job interview. 

Your generous support sustains our fight for disability justice.

Join us in advocating for accessible transportation. We also welcome donations in the form of non-cash assets, such as stocks, donor-advised funds, or Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs). Together, we can ensure that no New Yorker is barred from the travel necessary for day-to-day life. 

Thank you for supporting us.


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